Purple Ship

Blasternaut's Ship, whose real name is unknown, was a Galactic Space Patrol starship under the command of Blasternaut. The ship's only other crewmember was Spot, though Galactic Commander has been known to accompany the ship on certain missions. Blasternaut gained this ship sometime into his adult life.

During the "Search for Spot", only two areas of the ship are revealed: The Control Cockpit and the Fuel Processing Plant. In the Control Cockpit, Blasternaut communicates with the Galactic Commander, uses a tractor beam to collect trash and drive the ship. The Fuel Processing Plant is where Blasternaut processes the trash he collected into fuel for the ship.

Lost City

The ship, wrecked.

While on a mission to find the Lost City, the ship was shot down and crash landed on the planet with the Lost City on it. The ship was subsequently replaced by a ship formed by the buildings of the Lost City. ("Math Blaster 2: The Lost City")


  • Control Center
  • Fuel Processing Plant
Spacecraft commanded by Blasternaut
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