Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Slime monster
Occupation Mischief Maker
Residence Gelator House
Family Mr. Tor and Mrs. Tor
First Appearance Mega Math Blaster
Voiced By

Gelator is a fiendish and gross Slime monster-based the Brain Drainer, who is infamous for kidnapping Spot and oozing the peaceful planet Moldar. Blasternaut Chased him all over the planet while the Galactic Commander de-oozed and liberated Moldar from Gelator's Slimy occupation (With the 3 Moldar Energy Crystals collected by Blasternaut on his way to the generator).

Later he is defeated in a number of ways:

  • He crashes his ship against an asteroid (knocking Spot free from Gelator while GC catches him) while Blasternaut catches Gelator with a Jar of Hair Gel and sent him to Planet Lockemup (Showcased in the opening).
  • His parents find him forces him to return Spot to Blasternaut and GC with a grounding (Complete with homework which he is doing, revealing the reason why he wants to drain Spot's Brain in the first place)
  • He engages Blasternaut in a final duel (throwing Spot aside as he had no weapon but him). He is destroyed when Blasternaut activates his Goo Dehydrator 10000.