Math Blaster Algebra

The game's box art.

Math Blaster Algebra is a Math Blaster game. It takes place aboard the Alg-1 and features Skully.


The Alg-1 is hit by a meteor and Skully, the ship's robot, must use algebra to repair the ship's systems and rescue the crew.

Games Edit

Communications Room Edit

The player must solve algebraic expressions to earn a rebus segment, the game is won when the player had solved 6 rebuses

Defender Room Edit

The player must key in the right Coordinates for the defenders to destroy fleet of the alien invader vessels. the game is won when the last enemy vessel is destroyed

Transporter Room Edit

The player must key in the right slope or parabola to recover the crew members The game is won when all 10 crew members were saved

Strategy Room (In Yellow) Edit

Players can go there to brush up on their algebra skills

Electrical Room Edit

The player must operate the function machine to input integers (pointing left for negative integers and right positive integers) green arrow selects the number you want for the X column, 5 numbers are to be selected for the X Column which the machine will calculate an answer by applying the function to your X the calculation will appear in the F(X) column. once 3/5 numbers are selected players can find the function (found as floating fuses in the bin on lower right hand corner) insert the fuse in the slot next to the F(X). Determined whether the player is right or wrong the number in the column below the fuse box will be the same as the ones in the F(X) Column will appear in green otherwise different numbers appear in red. 10 Functions (2 per transformer) needed to be correctly answered to win the game

Engine Room Edit

The player must insert the numbered balls into the sockets in the blank column in the shape of a diamond that runs between the rows. With the help of the addition and multiplication sign in between every number in each row. Players need to add or multiply the 2 numbers in any column then the player must find the following balls which contain their sum or product and insert the ball in the socket above, below the addition or multiplication sign (or between both multiplication or addition signs). repeat the same process with the other blank spaces and add, subtract, multiply or divide if necessary. 6 puzzles are needed to be solved to win the game.