Math Blaster Episode 1: In Search of Spot, originally simply named Math Blaster! and later Math Blaster Deluxe, is the original Math Blaster game. It introduces the characters of Blasternaut, Spot, and Galactic Commander, and features an adventure in which Spot is captured by an alien. The original game was released in 1983 on IBM/Tandy and PC.


Blasternaut and Spot are doing some work on their ship when Spot is kidnapped by Trash Alien who also damages the ship. Blasternaut is contacted by Galactic Commander who explains the situation. Blasternaut then repairs the ship and begins the Search for Spot.

He follows Trash Alien back to a hollow planet which the creature uses as its base. There, Blasternaut overcomes a number of obstacles and defeats Trash Alien, saving Spot.


Trash ZapperEdit

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In Trash Zapper, players must earn tractor beams by correctly solving mathematical equations. Once the player has enough tractor beams, they must collect the trash floating in space. 5000 points are awarded for a perfect game.

Number RecyclerEdit

With the trash accumulated in the Trash Zapper game, players must move the numbers down to correctly solve the equations displayed in the power chamber to melt the trash and fill up the fuel gauge. The second tier recycles the numbers, while the bottom tier destroys numbers that are incorrect.

Cave RunnerEdit

Players must move Blasternaut to the upper levels. The number displayed on his uniform must fit between the numbers or equations displayed on the laser guns in order to move up while collecting gems. However, spider webs, big rocks, bats and cave creatures serve as obstacles to obstruct Blasternaut's journey. To pass through the obstacles, Blasternaut must take a tool or weapon from the treasure chest (by solving another math equation) and use them against the obstacles.

Math BlasterEdit

Blasternaut must fly to the correct porthole to solve the equation displayed on Trash Alien's spaceship. Every 5 or 10 equations will take Blasternaut to the bonus round where players must move Blasternaut close to the gems and score points.


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