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Math Blaster Mystery
Original Box art
Title Math Blaster Mystery
Developer Davidson & Associates
Publisher Davidson & Associates
Platform(s) Apple II, Macintosh
Released 1989
Age(s) 10+
Subject Math

The first version of Math Blaster Mystery was released in 1989. It features four pre-algebra games with a "mystery" theme.

Although it does not include the characters of Rave and Dr. Dabble, this is still identifiable as an early version of Math Blaster Mystery: The Great Brain Robbery and Math Blaster Mystery Pre-Algebra due to the similarity of its activities.


Follow the Steps[]

A tutorial for solving word problems. This activity is analogous to the "Basement Tutorial" in The Great Brain Robbery and the "Graveyard Tutorial" in Pre-Algebra.

Decipher the Code[]

A Mastermind-type game in which you construct an equation. This seems to be an early version of the "Equation Wall" in The Great Brain Robbery and, more distantly, the "Radio-Mystery Hour" in Pre-Algebra.

Weigh the Evidence[]

This is the "Towers of Hanoi" game called "Kitchen Recipe" The Great Brain Robbery and "Droid Feeder" in Pre-Algebra.

Search for Clues[]

You search for clues to determine the "mystery number." This is an early version of the "Number Guesser" seen in both subsequent versions of Math Blaster Mystery.

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