Math Blaster Plus! is a game created by Davidson in 1990 an earlier Math Blaster game. It introduces the characters of  BlasternautSpot, it was played on IBM

Games Edit

Trash Zapper Edit

Players must earn tractor beams by correctly solving Mathematical equations, once the player have enough tractor beams players must collect the trash floating in space. 

Rocket Launcher Edit

Players must solve Mathematical equations to build a rocket. once the rocket is complete Blasternaut will strap in and travel into space.

Number Recycler Edit

players must correctly move the numbers down to correctly solve the equations displayed in the Power chamber (second tier recycle the numbers while the bottom tier destroys numbers that are incorrect) to earn fuel disks and fill up the fuel gauge.

Math Blaster Edit

Blasternaut must fly to the correct space station to solve the Equation displayed on the top of the playfield Every 5 or 10 equations will take blasternaut to the Bonus round where Players must move Blasternaut close to the snacks and score points.