Math blaster 4-6

Math Blaster ages 4-6 is a 2000s Math Blaster game. It is a prequel to Math Blaster Episode 1: In Search of Spot, and is designed for young children, as the title implies. The game features child versions of the three main protagonists from the first game.

Games Edit

Puppet theatre Edit

At the puppet theatre, Glorious Galactica is on her way to the grandmother's house until she is stopped by good characters to help deliver the golden eggs to her grandmother's house while bad characters hinder her by reducing the number of golden eggs. in the first game Players guess how many golden eggs.

Whack the Pesters Edit

Planet Countalonia was invaded by pesters who steal gems and coins. the player helps Blasternaut to whack the pesters who hold gems or the coin with the right amounts, which fulfills Blasternaut's request.

Trapezoidia Rocket Factory Edit

On planet Trapezoidia, Players help Spot to build a rocket by gathering requested colored, or patterned geometric shape, to fill in blanks on the patterns displayed on the bottom of the screen or simply grab the patterned or colored shape.

Marble Maze Edit

On planet Fractoid, Players divert the correct marbles through the maze and into the results table before inputting it in the Goal screen (Color requests or Shape fill) where GC is, In free play mode Players can build their own Maze.