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Math Blaster ages 5-7 (also known as Math Blaster 1st Grade) is a Math Blaster game released in 2007 by Knowledge Adventure. It features the two reoccurring characters Max Blaster and GC, and their robotic dog Mel.



The Intergalatic Zoo.

Blaster and GC try to help the animals exercise in a game of Tickle Tag. Before you can play Tickle Tag, you must play other games to earn five trading cards.


Gnat ZapperEdit

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Gnat Zapper
As you ride the Gnat Zapper, zap the gnats with the correct answer to the equation on them.

Bug OffEdit

Bug Off
Sort the bugs into different categories using the Venn Diagram.

Feed the WoozerpsEdit

Feed the woozerps 5
First, measure the correct amount of food for the Woozerps. Next, pay for it at the cash register. Then, you can help Blaster feed the Woozerps. Just aim and throw the food at any hungry Woozerp with its mouth open.


Adjust the clocks on the Clockodiles so that they match the time shown on the digital clock. Then, you can help give the Clockodiles their bath (without splashing Blaster, GC or Mel with water).

Egg DropEdit

Egg drop
This game is very similar to the real-life game Kalah. In this game, the players use eggs instead of seeds. Each player will take turns moving the eggs, and try to get them into their "home nest". Whoever has more eggs in their home nest at the end of the game wins.

Tickle TagEdit

Tickle tag
You can only play Tickle Tag after collecting five trading cards. In this game, you play as Mel. Collect all the feathers on the screen to advance to the next level. The animals will chase you and try to tickle you. If they get you, you will lose a try. You have 3 tries before the game ends.

Trading CardsEdit

Trading cards
Each time you complete a game, (excluding Tickle Tag), you earn a trading card. Each creature's trading card can be earned by playing its game--for example, if you play Feed the Woozerps, you earn a Woozerp trading card.

If you collect five trading cards, you can play Tickle Tag with the animals. When you have finished playing Tickle Tag, you can see your cards and print them out.

Each card has the name and a brief description of the animal. All of the trading cards in the game are at the right.