Math Blaster Ages 8-9 is one of the games in the Math Blaster series. It features the two reoccurring characters Max Blaster and GC, and their robotic dog Mel.

Math Blaster Ages 8-9

Plot Edit

An old woman is entering a Supercomputer-operated metropolis when she is stopped by one of the guards. She presents a math problem displayed on her handheld computer which is too complex for the guard to solve, when all of a sudden he is knocked out by sleeping gas loaded inside the handheld computer. Once inside the old woman pulls off her disguise, only to reveal that she is not a woman at all, but a young man who is a hacker named Dr. Zero.

Dr. Zero blows on his whistle, summoning robotic creatures which he calls his "bugs", and launches an invasion on the metropolis.

Meanwhile, Blaster and GC are watching cartoons until they're rudely interrupted by Dr. Zero who takes over the computer system, and unless the ransom of 3000000000000 Kwontos (currency in the Math Blaster series) is paid, he will destroy GC's Home Planet, Omega.

Math blaster7-9 3

The Super-Computer

Thinking fast, Blaster, GC, and Mel began their mission to corral all the bugs and reprogram all of them to defect to their side.

Games Edit

Domino Bridge Edit

Domino Bridge 1

Domino Bridge

The player must help Blaster build a bridge from one tower to the other by using the Information Highway Data-chips before the bugs can build theirs. 5 bugs are awarded when 3 bridges are built.

Musical Math Edit

Musical Math

Musical Math

The player must read the portrayed window to bring the geometric shape to the neighboring empty window. Each correctly placed shape earns a piece of music until the song is complete. 5 bugs are awarded when the player fills all the empty windows completing the song. 

Bug HuntEdit

  • Bug Hunt (Dr Zero's Lair edition)
  • Bug Hunt (Motherboard Mall Blue edition)

The player must move GC around a maze to find the bugs with an equation which fits the target range. The game is won when the player has collected 5 bugs.

Circuit Quest Edit


Circuit Quest (Collecting the chips)

With all 3 Crew members united the player must guide Blaster, GC or Mel to the floating chips while using the devices (according to their ability), which controls the doors, elevators or stairs once all the chips have collected the portal is opened. Afterwards, the player must place the chips in the code strings to correctly solve equations. 5 bugs are awarded when all the code strings are correct.

The Cache Edit

Players can store bugs in the cache once they have collected them. To free more space, players must answer a series of equations before time runs out. The maximum space is 100.
The Cache

The Cache


Bug Base Edit

The Player can go to the Bug Base to read about the bugs anytime to get a fresh start at the trap (See Gallery).
  • Bug Base (Colors)
  • Bug Base (Special)
Color and Function of Dr Zero's Main Bugs
Blue Bopper When hit it punches Blue Catapult It throws stones when hit Blue Cloud It blows air when hit Blue Alarm It rings when hit Blue Laser Cannon It shoots laser when hit Blue Claw Grabs anything when hit (Particularly Dr Zero) Blue trapdoor Opens when on contact with another bug
Red Bopper  It punches upon contact with laser Red Catapult It throws stones upon contact with laser Red Cloud It blows air upon contact laser Red Alarm It rings upon contact with laser Red Laser Cannon it shoots  laser upon contact with another laser Red Claw Grabs anything upon contact with laser (Particularly Dr Zero) Red trapdoor Opens on contact with laser 
Yellow Bopper At the sound of Alarm Clock it punches Yellow Catapult At the sound of Alarm it throws stones Yellow Cloud It blows air at the sound of alarm Yellow Alarm It rings after countdown Yellow Laser Cannon At the sound of alarm it shoots laser Yellow Claw Grabs anything At the sound of alarm (Particularly Dr Zero) Yellow Trapdoor Opens at the sound of alarm 
Purple Conveyor Moves slow Platform







Frozen Platform Red Ball Bouncy Green Butterfly Flies Upwards Green Balloon Flies Upwards
Green Conveyor Moves fast


Wall or floors

Green (Platform 1)

Red (Platform 2)

Blue (Platform 3)

Colored Wall or floors

Slippery Surface Blue Super-Ball Extra Bouncy Purple Butterfly Stays put until collision with another bug Purple Balloon Stays put until collision with another bug
Orange Conveyor Changes direction on contact with another bug Green Marble Does Not Bounce Orange Butterfly Flies Sideways


Function of Dr. Zero's special Bugs
Claws Catches Dr. Zero Mirrors Deflect Lasers (Also useful as Ramps)
Cage  Catches Dr. Zero Short Ramp Balls roll on it
Spring Turtle Things Bounce Off Long Ramp Balls roll on it
Safe Very Heavy (Useful for setting off Collision bugs)
Spring Turtle Bugs bounce off it's back

The Trap Edit

Reprogramming Word Problem

The player must solve three-word problems correctly to reprogram the bugs. Once done, the player moves to the contraption building game using the bugs collected to catch Dr. Zero.

The Cache 1

Bugs fully reprogrammed

Once Ready, the player will see Dr. Zero. To catch him the player must activate the Claw above Dr. Zero or drop a cage on him (By Placing Bugs into the playfield while scrolling up and down with the arrows next to them). To see the trap run, the player can hit the play button anytime.