Rave in "Math Blaster Mystery" (1998)
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Humanoid
Occupation Math/Reading Detective
Residence Bizzaroville
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First Appearance Math Blaster Mystery: The Great Brain Robbery
Voiced By Mark Sawyer

Rave is a green, male, humanoid creature. He's the protagonist of many Math and Reading blaster games. He lives in a suburban house in a town called Bizzaroville. He frequently battles against Dr. Dudley Dabble.

In the original version of Math Blaster Mystery: The Great Brain Robbery, he has bright green skin, bright yellow horn and light blue eyes with pupils. Having heard about Big Brain's missing brain on a radio broadcast, he goes to Dr. Dabble's mansion to liberate the brain.

In the remake of Math Blaster Mystery Pre-Algrebra, his skin is a darker green, his horn is golden and his eyes are white with purple irises. Having heard about people's mathematics degrading on a television broadcast, he goes to Dr. Dabble's mansion, making three attempts to disable the brain machine that is sucking up all the maths from peoples' minds.

In Reading Blaster ages 9-12, he sees a news flash on important people disappearing inside Dr. Dabble's mansion. He returns to the mansion and is aided by the ghost Lydia to find and liberate all six missing guests including his favourite star Gloria Ghastly.


Rave in "Math Blaster Mystery" (1994)

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