The Zapper, from Math Blaster.

The Zapper is a reoccurring minigame in the Math Blaster series.

The GameEdit

The player has control of a starship's laser and must blast the object in space marked with the correct answer to an equation.



Blasternaut has encountered this challenge at least twice. The first time was shortly after the Trash Alien kidnapped Spot. In this "Trash Zapper", Blasternaut had to zap trash left behind by the alien into his ship to be recycled into fuel. ("Math Blaster Episode 1: In Search of Spot")

Later, Blasternaut had to overcome a "Space Zapper" scenario when Gelator was escaping with Spot as a prisoner. Blasternaut, riding his space cycle, had to persue Gelator through space while zapping asteroids that got in his way. ("Mega Math Blaster")

Blaster ContinuityEdit

Blaster and GC encountered a "Number Zapper" when they had to zap asteroids to protect a city. ("Math Blaster ages 6-8")

They also faced a "Gnat Zapper", when they had to run back and forth on an animal, zapping gnats. ("Math Blaster ages 5-7")

Max Blaster ContinuityEdit

The Intergalactic Space Patrol uses this challenge as a training simulation, in which the cadet taking the challenge must blast asteroids bearing the correct answer. Doing so allows the cadet to fire at other rocks. ("Math Blaster")